Yearly Planner

December Duties

Time to slow down.

It's true, a tidy garden is a happy garden! It's very chilly outside, so try to work on the theory of little and often. If you have a frozen lawn, it is advised to stay off it to prevent any damage.


Jobs For The Month
  • If the ground is not frozen, there is nothing stopping you from still planting those Tulips!
  • It's beneficial to deadhead any Winter bedding to encourage a longer flowering period.
  • If tubs and containers are dry, you can plant evergreen shrubs.
December’s Garden Highlights
  • Looking Good This Month:
    Helleborus, Christmas Box and Mahonia Soft Caress
  • Top Tip:
    It's important to keep and eye out for structural damage to fences, sheds and poles. And, remember to check roofs are waterproof and leak free!
What To Watch
  • Try to protect shrubs and trees as much as possible against snow and wind - stakes, ties and guards are readily available.
  • Plan ahead, be aware and make a note of an area in the garden where further planting is required. Planning now means you are ready for after the frosts.