Hannah Holman 26th July 2018

A-Z of Plants

A-Z of Plants

Verbena are annual or perennial flowering plants native to Asia and America. It has a notable presence in traditional medicine and herbalism and is said to have anti-inflammatory qualities. The healing properties of Verbena have been documented since biblical times.

Today, Verbena bonariensis is a garden staple mainly because it fits effortlessly wherever planted. It acts as the glue which holds many planting schemes together. It is tall yet simple, easy to grow, yet rewarding in blooms. Verbena bonariensis is superb for attracting butterflies and even gives Buddleja a run for its money.

Verbena bonariensis has tall stems which hold tightly packed clusters of bright lavender coloured flowers. These last throughout summer and well into autumn. Its tall, airy appearance makes it great for adding height to borders but allows you to see through to the plants behind. This transparency makes it suitable for the front, middle or back of borders.

Another wonderful variety is Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop'. This dwarf variety boasts the same beautiful clusters of flowers, but these are held on much shorter stems which only reach around half of the height of Verbena bonariensis. This variety is perfect for patio pots and also looks great at the front of borders.


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