Hannah Holman 11th July 2018

A-Z of Plants

A-Z of Plants

Nepeta is a versatile and low maintenance perennial which is at home in most habits. There are around 250 species which are native to Asia, Europe and Africa. Some members of the Nepeta family are commonly known as catmint or catnips due to the euphoric effects the plants have on felines.

The main attraction of Nepeta is its bright spikes of flowers which can be white, purple or yellow. They flower over a particularly long period of time, typically from late spring, throughout summer and into early autumn if deadheaded regularly.

Nepeta is often used as an edging plant and looks great when used as underpinning for roses. Some varieties look very similar to lavender so can be used as a substitute when conditions are not favourable for Lavender.

Nepeta is particularly easy to care for and does best when left to its own devices. Of the many varieties of Nepeta there is pretty much one for every position and soil type and they will be sure to brighten up any bed, bored or container.

‘Six Hills Giant’ is an excellent variety for those looking for a tall Nepeta. Its lavender-blue flowers are held on a clump of aromatic foliage with flower spikes which can grow up to a metre in height.

If you’re looking for something much smaller, ‘Little Titch’ is a dwarf variety with lovely aromatic foliage which grows to a height and spread of 30cm.

‘Junior Walker’ is another fantastic variety which is packed full of nectar and is great for attracting bees and butterflies to your garden.


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