Hannah Holman 19th June 2018

A-Z of Plants

A-Z of Plants

Knautia macedonica is a strikingly beautiful perennial with deep crimson, pom-pom-like flowers. This perennial delivers long-lasting, luxurious colour throughout the summer months and into autumn. Each flower only lasts a couple of weeks, but new flowers will continuously emerge for months on end.

In its natural habitat, Knautia macedonica would be found growing wild among the grasses in woodland or scrub areas. It forms a broad, wiry network of stems which intertwine charmingly amongst neighbouring plants.

Knautia macedonica is happiest grown in full sun and will tolerate all but waterlogged soil. It is perfect for filling gaps in sunny borders and looks fantastic when combined with silver foliage plants and grasses in wildflower meadow schemes.

Dead flowers can be cut back to prolong flowering, though many gardeners prefer to keep seed heads in place to provide food for birds over winter. Knautia macedonica is fantastic for attracting pollinators. It is adored by bees and butterflies for its nectar and pollen-rich flowers and will be sure to bring a buzz to any garden.

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