Hannah Holman 31st May 2018

A-Z of Plants

A-Z of Plants

Geraniums are one of the nations most popular perennials. They are incredibly diverse, easy to grow and are great for filling in gaps when spring blooms have ended and summer blooms have yet to begin.

The Geranium family is comprised of hundreds of varieties which come in many forms. They come in a spectrum of colours but most commonly in shades of pink, blue and white. There is a Geranium for pretty much any situation in your garden- sun or shade, damp or dry and anywhere in between.

Their mounding habitat makes Geraniums a useful plant for filling in gaps in borders, but they also look great in beds and containers. Most varieties of hardy Geranium are particularly tough and can tolerate temperatures up to -20°, so can survive even the harshest of British winters.

One of the most well known and one of our favourites is Geranium ‘Rozanne’. Its wiry stems carry large blue flowers, each lit with a white eye, which appear from late spring right up until the first frost. Often overlooked, but equally as beautiful is its mound-forming, marbled green foliage.

‘Rozanne’ grows well in full sun or partial shade, in any reasonable soil. If left to its own devices ‘Rozanne’ will spread easily and intertwine itself with nearby plants, though it is easy to trim back to a manageable shape and size.

Other popular varieties include the ‘Mrs Kendall Clark’, ‘Max Frei’ and ‘Johnson’s Blue’.


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