Hannah Holman 22nd May 2018

A-Z of Plants

A-Z of Plants

Lovely fuchsias, even the most novice of gardener can recognise a fuchsia. There are over one hundred varieties of fuchsia which come in a multitude of colours and combinations. They are split into three main groups which are Bush Fuchsias, Trailing Fuchsias and Hardy Fuchsias.

Fuchsias are highly versatile and easy to grow. They flower virtually all summer long and require minimal effort, yet reward you with a glorious show of beautiful pendant-like flowers. The fruit and flowers of all species of fuchsia are in fact edible, though not all taste particularly appetising. While some have a citrusy, peppery tang, others are tasteless and somewhat unpleasant.

Most fuchsias are happy to grow in sun or partial shade in beds, borders, baskets and containers. Some of those which are hardy enough can even be used as a hedging plant. In fact, there is a fuchsia for almost every position in any type of garden.

One of our favourites is a dwarf bush variety, ‘Tom Thumb’. This hardy, compact fuchsia has short, single flowers. It looks great in beds and borders and is suitable for containers.


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