Hannah Holman 1st May 2018

A-Z of Plants

A-Z of Plants

As National Gardening Week commences, we want to help inspire gardeners across the country!  Whether you’re a green-fingered expert or a gardening novice we’re hoping to pass on some of our plant passion with an A-Z of our all-time favourite plants.


Often referred to by its common name ‘African Lily’, this showy perennial is a delightful addition to any sunny bed, border or container. Foliage varies from strap-like to grass-like, depending on variety. Strong stems hold beautiful large heads of flowers which are most commonly in shades of blue and purple but can also come in pink or white. Flowers appear from mid-summer into autumn and also make beautiful cut flowers for decoration.

Evergreen varieties often require some winter protection to prevent damage from frost, though deciduous varieties which die back in winter are hardy in most UK conditions.

Planting Agapanthus in excessively spacious pots can encourage leaf growth rather than flower production. Similar effects are seen when Agapanthus are planted in shade, so a sunny spot is preferable for the best show of flowers.

Agapanthus may need two or three years before they really establish themselves in their full glory, but once established you can enjoy long-flowering clumps year on year.

One of our favorite varieties which is looking particularly fabulous at the moment is Agapanthus ‘Back in Black’. This variety has dark purple flowers on almost black stems, providing a sensational contrast with its bright green foliage!

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