Hannah Holman 11th December 2017

Christmas Gardening

Christmas Gardening

Christmas time is a great time of year to decorate the house and bring some real festive cheer to your home, but the garden need not be neglected.

With cold weather setting in, containers of shrubs and bedding plants should be moved into a more sheltered spot. Create a colourful wintery display by planting up containers with hardy cyclamen, ivy and skimmia. Evergreen grasses such are carex are great for adding some winter colour.

Holly is the plant traditionally associated with christmas. Gather holly with berries to use for christmas displays for doorways and window frames. You can try your hand at making your own christmas wreath from garden materials and it’s much more satisfying knowing you’ve made it yourself. Use a wire coat hanger as the base and build your wreath using twigs, leaves, pinecones, moss and some floral tape.

If you have some logs in your garden, you can dry them out and use them as a mantlepiece display or as a centrepiece for your table. You can even carve a festive greeting into the log or use them as candlestick holders.

Look after your grass by avoiding walking on your lawn, especially if there is a heavy frost or snow as this can damage the grass beneath. You can spike your lawn with a garden fork to improve drainage. Make sure any fallen leaves are cleared off your lawn to stop them from blocking out light and creating dead patches. Fallen leaves can be used as decorations by pressing them between some heavy books for a few days and then spraying them with gold or silver paint. These will look great in a decorative bowl or scattered across a table for decoration.

If you are visited by some particularly wintry weather, make sure any heavy snow is cleared off your greenhouse or cold frame to prevent the grass from cracking.

Decorate your garden with some Christmas containers, lights and DIY decorations such as snowmen made of old pots. Find three pots which are different sizes and paint them with white paint. Once dry, place them one on top of the other with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on the top. You can use paint or buttons to give him some features. Now you have your very own snowman. Don’t forget the hat and scarf to keep him warm!

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