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Laura Daniels 11th April 2017

Using Grasses In The Garden

Using Grasses In The Garden

It doesn't matter on the style of your garden, the use of ornamental grasses can play a significant part in your planting schemes. It can provide a calming accompaniment to a colourful area, or can be the sole focus of your arrangement. There are many to choose from, for all conditions plus they perform well in containers too. An added bonus for most gardeners is that they do not need much feeding too! 

Take a look at our much loved grasses, do any take your fancy? 

Hakonechloa macra 'Albo Striata'

Hakonechloa is a clump forming, compact, deciduous perennial grass which is suitable for growing in borders or containers. It will grow well in sun or shade; interestingly its colour will vary according to the light conditions. In the shade, the leaves take on a lime green colour and in full sun it is a cream with red tints in Autumn. This eye-catching plant never fails to disappoint! 

Carex testacea

Also known as 'New Zealand Sedge', this is a stunning grass for a border, container or gravel bed. From Spring to Autumn the pale olive-green leaves of this ornamental grass turn a warm copper-orange colour. In the middle of Summer, it will bear small, brown flower spikes. 

Stipa arundinacea

This popular grass is incredibly tactile, 'Mexican Feather Grass' is also described as 'Pony Tails Grass' by many. The upright leaves begin green before developing to a bronzed orange colour in late Summer. It is beautiful next to a path, it's arching, linear leaves and narrow panicles will brush past you.

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