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Laura Daniels 21st February 2017

Plant A Winter Container

Plant A Winter Container

There's a huge variety of wonderful plants to choose for a dramatic Winter container, from clipped box balls in formal planters, to pots of wispy grasses and even shallow bowls of low growing alpines such as Sedum.

Vibrant Colour

If you are looking to add colour and vibrancy, choose plants with vibrant flowers and berries such as red-berried Skimmia and Holly. These can be married with deep green evergreens such as Hedera or Sarcococca for extra fragrance. 

Winter Container Tips

  • Ensure that all pots and planters can drain freely - excavate the drainage holes and place the planters on bricks to allow excess water to run through. It will help protect your planter from cracking in sub zero temperatures. 

  • Remember to move planted up pots and containers susceptible to cold and frost to a protected position, ideally into a greenhouse, shed or a conservatory. 

  • Other plants in pots can be given extra protection by moving them to the shelter of a house wall, they will benefit from the radiator effect of the walls. 

  • Buy pots of flowering bulbs to plant into container displays that are starting to fade and lose their vibrancy.

  • Why not move planters that have finished their display out of sight and allow the plants to die back naturally?

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