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Pot Size Guide

Pot Size Guide

At Coblands, pot sizes are referred to by their volume capacity in litres - with the exception of pots that are smaller than 1 litre which are usually referred to by the diameter of the top of the pot.

Generally, the larger the pot, the bushier the plant and the bigger the root system. The below picture displays the visible difference between a 9cm and a 2 litre pot - however you can also clearly see the differentiation in plant size!

At Coblands, we sell predominantly 2 litre, 3 litre or 5 litre potted plants. This is because shrubs, perennials and hedging plants are more established and can be added straight to the garden for instant impact and ultimate convenience too! 

Interestingly, plant scientists found that 'plants in smaller pots grew more slowly because of a decreased rate of photosynthesis'. And, they discovered 'that doubling plant pot size makes plants grow over 40% larger' - have you noticed a difference since changing pots? 

The price of the plant increases with pot size but as you need less of the larger plants to fill your planting site, this can often work out more cost effective than buying a higher quantity of smaller sizes. 

However, at Coblands we offer incredible value for money compared to many other retailers - for example, if you purchased an Aucuba 'Crotonifolia' 2L from Crocus you would pay £14.99, however for the same price you would receive a 5L Aucuba 'Crotonifolia 5L' from ourselves*! 

The pot size dimensions are as follows:

Pot Diameter (Top) - 9cm
Pot Diameter (Base) - 6cm
Pot Height - 8.5cm

1 Litre:
Pot Diameter (Top) - 13cm
Pot Diameter (Base) - 10cm
Pot Height - 11cm

2 Litre:
Pot Diameter (Top) - 17cm
Pot Diameter (Base) - 12cm
Pot Height - 13cm

3 Litre:
Pot Diameter (Top) - 19cm
Pot Diameter (Base) - 13cm
Pot Height - 15cm

5 Litre: 
Pot Diameter (Top) - 22.5cm
Pot Diameter (Base) - 16.5cm
Pot Height - 18cm

*Prices correct at time of publishing

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