Coblands Team 9th March 2016



Shrubs are often thought of as the back bone of the garden - these plants add structure and interest throughout the year, even in the Winter!

Shrubs have many uses in garden and landscape planting, and after often used to divide a garden and act as a backdrop for other plants. Impressively, many can be trained as wall shrubs providing a more substantial plant than a climber, or with a bit of artistic flair to form topiary.

Commonly, shrubs are used for hedging or play a vital role in giving colour and interest in the Winter months. In addition to displaying colourful and often scented flowers - some shrubs are valuable because they are evergreen, give interest through their form and texture, leaf colour, bark and stem colour or seeds and fruits. 

Cultivation: Shrubs are virtually impossible to kill, they are versatile and will grow in most soils and situations. However, often the more choice of varieties the more specific their requirements can be, so always have a read-up first! 

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