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Laura Daniels 30th May 2017

Planting Guide

Planting Guide

Getting plants properly settled into a new spot will really pay off when you see them flourishing. There's nothing really to it, either...

1) Soil

No-one likes a cold bed on a chilly day and plants are no different. If the ground's frozen or waterlogged, keep your plant well-watered in its pot and wait for the weather to warm up. If you can, aim to plant in Autumn, when the soil's still warm from Summer, the weather's mild and there's plenty of rain on the horizon to save you and your watering can a bit of effort. 

2) Water

Give your plants a good drink before planting - to make sure it's really good and moist, stand the pot in a bucket of water and wait until the bubbles stop before lifting it out to drain. 

3) Dig

Plants need plenty of room to spread their roots, so start by digging over the top 20cm of earth. Next, dig a hole twice the size of the pot and about three times as wide so the roots have plenty of space to spread. If the ground's dry, fill the hole with water and wait for it to drain away. 

4) Feed

Once the water's drained, loosen up the soil at the bottom of the hole with a fork and add a good layer of compost or well-rotted manure. 

5) Plant

Gently tap the plant out of its pot and carefully loosen and tease the roots out before popping the plant in the ground. You need to cover the entire soil ball from the pot, so make sure it sits a little bit below ground level. 

6) Fill In

Fill the hole with a mixture of soil and compost then carefully press down around the base of the plant, either with your hands or a gentle, wellie-booted foot to get rid of air pockets. Give the ground a final feed with more manure and a good glug of water. The water will help everything sink back into the place and revive your new plant after its big move. 

7) Protect

If it's in a blustery spot, protect your new tree, hedge or shrub with a windbreak. A little bit of a breeze is helpful as it encourages stems to bend, flex and strengthen but a bit of netting or protective mesh staked around the plant will slow strong gusts while your plant gets settled. 

8) Water & Feed

Newly planted trees and plants will need a bit of extra attention, especially if it's warm or windy out. Keep them well-watered for a few months while the roots spread and get a good grip underground.

Give your new plant a boost during the warmer, growing months, treating it to a good dose of plant feed. Then put your feet up and watch proudly as your plant nourishes in its new home! 


Source: Wyevale Garden Centres 

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